Slitter Knives, Tools

Slitter Knive

Circular(Rotary) Slitter knives are needed best wear resistance and toughness specifications. We are constantly working on best grade and tuned heat treatment process to achive best performance and long life time for your cutting, slitting aplications. To achive “burr free” qualty and “break out” cutting edge we maintain best surface finish and very precise thickness tolerances. 


  • *Up to ± 0.0005 mm (± 0,5 micron) thickness tolerances
  • *Separate in to 3 and mark on side faces ( -, 0, + )
  • *Lapped, Polished with KSF and Mirro polish surface finishing.

Rubber Bonded Stripper Rings And Spacers 

Rubber bonded spacer steel core made by hardened alloy tool steel with stainless  steel characteristic and precised like Slitter knives. 

We use special vulcanised plastics like Perbunan or Dynaprene which have perfect properties like tensile, tear, breaking strenghts.


  • Different colors
  • Different OD’s for male and female spacers 
  • Lighweight spacers
  • Resistance oil and abrasion
  • Divided spacers
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