Radiant Tubes, Covers, Muffles And Furnace Equipments

Radiant Tubes

New furnaces need to be adopt today’s big production volumes. For this reason its needed also new type of energy saving radiant tubes.

Modern, 100% production control and product quality come from advanced pressing/bending, laser-cutting and automated welding machines manufacturing 3-4 mm high nickel content thickness plates of radiant tubes.

Covers, Bells, Base, Fan, Diffusers

Bell furnace, batch anealing furnace for the most common heat treatments include case-hardening, carbonitriding, tempering, annealing and normalising. 

We can suply compelte parts like base, bell, diffuser, fan, plenum.


Muffle is the main part of furnaces used for case-hardening, tempering and annealing treatments. Very important to resist termal and mechanical stresses.

Over the years which we have knowledge and experience we kindly offer you reverse engineering according to your drawing.

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